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One of the simplest ways to open up new opportunities in your sales channel is to offer customers a straightforward alternative way to finance the equipment they need. As part of Shire Business Group we can secure the most appropriate rates for medical equipment suppliers. The Group’s Own Book portfolio circa £44m offers financing solutions with greater flexibility and higher acceptances.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of you and your customers while providing finance solutions to help you increase your equipment sales. Our dedicated account managers make sure that our finance solutions are suited to your particular requirements, whether it’s a 0% finance deal, low interest rates, or quarterly payments.

Our services include:

  • Equipment Finance and Leasing
  • Tax / VAT Finance
  • Working Capital Funding
  • Practice Extensions/Refurbishments
  • Vehicle Funding
Why Lease? 

Shire Professional Funding provides funding for equipment suppliers that enables them to offer all types of leasing to their own customers. In simple terms, Shire Professional Funding purchases your products, and in turn rents them to your customers under a lease agreement.

Benefits for suppliers

Because the equipment is purchased by Shire Professional Funding, suppliers benefit from full payment at the point of delivery of the goods. This means that suppliers don't need to worry about chasing their customers for payment or setting up individual payment plans - giving suppliers more time to spend on making those all important sales.

Another clear benefit is to use leasing as a way to overcome cost objections. Customers who need to purchase capital equipment necessary to their business operations may be deterred by a large cash outlay. By breaking down the cost into manageable regular payments, these concerns can be addressed and used as a selling point and closing technique rather than a payment option tagged onto the end of the sales process.

  • Unlimited credit, to a maximum of the value of the deal itself.
  • Overcome customer cost objections with smaller weekly or monthly payments.
  • Payment is guaranteed to suppliers within days of delivery of the equipment.
  • Avoids credit control problems and lengthy invoice chasing.

As an independent funding house with its own book portfolio in excess of £50m, Shire can clear a wider variety of customers, giving suppliers even greater opportunities for sales.

Benefits for customers

Leasing equipment can help end users to manage their cash flow and budgeting. It allows them to acquire the equipment they need and pay for it while earning money from it at the same time.

There are also tax benefits to the end user of the equipment over its working life. All payments made under a lease agreement reduce the taxable profit of the business by 100% of the charges – effectively reducing the net cost of the leasing package to the end user.

Leasing also allows equipment to be upgraded, exchanged or increased as developments in technology and working practices demand, helping them to keep up with new advances without being tied into expensive equipment.

Leasing can help end users to protect and reserve other lines of credit (such as loans and overdrafts) and offers a viable, cost effective alternative to these funding methods.

Online Services 

As an approved supplier, you’ll get access to Shire’s suite of online services. Leaseman (our secure web portal) and Shire Online (our exclusive iPhone app) both give you a decision on deals in less than 36 seconds.

Benefits of using online:-

  • Reduce time chasing deals
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Remain in control of your deals
  • Deliver instant finance solutions
  • Improve your cash flow
  • We pay out within 24 hours





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