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Specialist practice finance for professionals & practice owners

Paper Professions

Over the last five years funding for professional practices has become increasingly difficult to secure with funders demanding more and more information about applicant firms.
Shire Professional Funding recognises the issues and overcomes them by focussing on our clients and the specific needs of their practice. Our team of advisors take a different approach to providing financial products, selecting those that are designed to support your business and assist your growth plans. 

Our range of finance options cover anything from VAT to litigation funding and from office refurbishment to the purchase of capital equipment, and allows you to:-

  • Purchase additional work
  • Buy out a partner or buy a department from another practice
  • Release “lock-up” or WIP
  • Apply for or renew practising certificates 
Tax Funding 

Meet your tax commitments

Tax bills often put an unwelcome strain on cash flow. Our tailored tax funding solutions enable you to spread the cost of these, freeing up existing cash resources.

Specialist credit lines

Whist traditional bank financing methods are hard to obtain to cover future tax liabilities, Shire Professional Funding has access to funds that other finance providers may not. 

We have several specialist credit lines for tax funding and we call on over 20 years’ experience to determine the best funder for each client’s particular requirements.

Avoid the overdraft

Even when there’s enough money to pay, make sure it doesn’t put a strain on next year’s cash flow. If it’s taken you by surprise, don’t automatically go for the overdraft route. There are lots of other, possibly cheaper, options to help you out, like a 6 or 12 month unsecured loan. An unspecified loan facility can pay the tax, whilst offsetting the interest costs against future profits. Lots of healthcare professionals are using a loan facility to assist with part or all of their tax liability. Take a look at some of these case studies and find out what Tax Funding can do for you.  


  • Improved cash flow
  • Deferred payments
  • Fixed monthly amount
  • Flexible terms up to 12 months
  • Access to specialist funds

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Equipment Finance 

Solutions to help you provide better care

It's essential to remain current with the latest developments. New techniques and methods can provide significant benefits for your exising patients and help to attract new ones.

Invest in your future

By being open to new ideas, techniques and practices you invest in your future and keep ahead of your rivals. And although innovations and new technologies come at a cost, the investment may be more affordable than you think. We can help you acquire the additional funds required to purchase the equipment that can provide significant benefits, or help you fund a complete new office, upgrading your cabinetry and cosmetic work, or a full refurbishment. The investment is well worth the effort as improvements can attract new clients to your firm and provide added revenues for ongoing operations.

Spread the cost of your purchases and achieve stronger margins by raising funds rather than using your reserves. Our funding experts will help you acquire the equipment you need with a bespoke finance plan that suits you, your firm and your budget.

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Finance solutions for refurbishments of new and existing premises

Firms need to adhere to specific requirements when it comes to setting up their working environment. Whether this means purchasing new furniture, undergoing cosmetic changes, a full office refit, or purchasing high technology equipment. Shire Professional Funding has a finance solution for your needs.

Read our case studies to find out which way many firms across the country have already taken advantage of our excellent service.

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Business Extension 

Don't let cash flow restrict your growth

When you need to build an extension because you're growing exceptionally, Shire Professional Funding can help.

Most firms won't have the means to finance a big investment such as an extension to its premises. It's also not as easy these days to get additional funding as it once was. But as the leading finance and leasing provider in the UK, we are able to offer solutions for any finance requirements, including related building costs for the entire project.

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Practice Finance 

All the resources you need to succeed

To keep up with the latest developments, maintain high standards and operate as efficiently as possible, every firm needs to invest continually. You might think this is no option for you, but investing in your future doesn't have to be a financial burden.
Whether you need to boost your working capital, recruit new staff or increase your marketing, Shire Professional Funding has a finance solution that fits your needs.

Our specialist funds will help you:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Minimise capital outlay
  • Spread the cost over flexible terms

By taking into account the challenges professionals face every day, our funding experts structure a bespoke finance plan to suit you, your firm and your budget. Follow the many firms across the country which have already taken advantage of our excellent service.

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